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  • Progressive Policy Institute

    Progressive Policy Institute

    Radically Pragmatic. We seek to advance progressive, market-friendly ideas that promote American innovation, economic growth, and wider opportunity.

  • Anne Kim

    Anne Kim

    I write about politics, economics, poverty and opportunity. Author of Abandoned: America’s Lost Youth and the Crisis of Disconnection, from the New Press.

  • Elitist Underground

    Elitist Underground

    We are a non-traditional travel publication. We look at urban planning, the possibilities of ethical travel, intersections of art-culture-politics.

  • Brendan Nyhan

    Brendan Nyhan

    Professor of Public Policy, University of Michigan

  • Daniel Edwards

    Daniel Edwards

    Sharing my top tens

  • J.N. PAQUET™

    J.N. PAQUET™

    British Author & Journalist • Editor of PMP-Magazine.com • Book: www.BrexitBegins.com

  • NikitosGolubev


    “I write to discover what I know.” — Flannery O’Connor #Follow=100%🔙

  • Rob Williams

    Rob Williams

    PhD Student at Ohio State in history. I know just enough to get me in trouble. robert.f.williams@protonmail.com Tweets at @RealBigWill82

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